Startups, SMEs : join our program on Galileo, Europe’s navigation system!

10 avril 2020 14:23
Startups, SMEs : join our program on Galileo, Europe’s navigation system!

Auxilia is proud to be part of the European project ARIADNA. ARIADNA will help transportation & mobility players innovate by using Galileo - the European global satellite-based navigation system. Startups, SMEs, please get in touch with us now and be part of the adventure !


Galileo: a global positioning system made in Europe 


Everybody knows GPS (from the U.S.A), and you may have heard of Baidu, Glonass, or Galileo. Galileo is the European global navigation satellite system (GNSS) under civilian control, providing a range of positioning, navigation and timing services to users worldwide.
Backed by the European institutions, Galileo is being developed to ensure independence for both business and European citizens in the banking sector, for communications, for energy supply, for transport and aviation and more importantly, in terms of human safety.
Did you know that 1 billion smartphones around the world already use Galileo ? You can check here if your smartphone is Galileo-enabled. Galileo is also a key feature in new cars and trucks that are manufactured nowadays ! Galileo is part of our daily lives, but it could benefit from being better known by businesses and citizens. 


Business opportunities for startups and SMEs


Galileo is providing, already today, improved positioning accuracy and reliability in urban environments, together with new security features, such as authentication, enabling a range of new applications and services, particularly in the field of urban mobility and public transport, that will drive economic growth in Europe and beyond. Galileo is more precise and accurate than its competitors.
Galileo’s features are already available, and most of them are free. Let’s explore them together. Tomorrow, Galileo will help us improve mobility services - better fleet and traffic management, improved safety for autonomous and connected vehicles, etc.


ARIADNA project - raising awareness and accelerating innovation through Galileo


ARIADNA is a two-year operational project about raising awareness and market uptake of EGNSS in mobility and public transport. ARIADNA seeks to help different stakeholders benefit from GALILEO technology and its applications within mobility. In the end, ARIADNA wants authorities and mobility operators to understand exactly where the system can be used, for which purpose, its technological readiness, the challenges being faced, and then highlight the increased benefits that GALILEO has to offer.

Auxilia will work with European startups and SMEs. We will assess your needs, help you design new products and services using Galileo and tackle specific challenges. Our consortium will publish a White paper on Galileo’s benefits, and provide you with a demo kit very soon.
At the end of the year, you will be invited to a kick-off event dedicated to startups and SMEs. Ariadna is a real opportunity to benefit from a technical innovation as soon as today, and maybe develop innovative products and services tomorrow.

Auxilia has a great experience in helping startups and SMEs develop new concepts. Auxilia has co-founded two incubators - la Fabrique des mobilités and l’incubateur de Saint-Dizier

ARIADNA was launched in Prague in January 2020. The European Commission supervises this exciting project. Our consortium gathers five partners : FACTUAL (leader), PILDO, CIT-UPC, UITP and Auxilia. 


As a first step, we are now listing every stakeholder interested in ARIADNA’s activity.
If you are a cluster, an accelerator, an incubator ... please take 2 minutes to fill in this short survey.
If you are a startup or SME, please take 2 minutes to fill in this short survey.
You may also contact Laurent Barelier.


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